Will GoFundMe Work?

My daughter called today and while she is doing ok she has made a few poor choices recently and needs some help.

Unfortunately I can’t do as much as I’d like so I thought I’d check into the Crowdfunding idea. I saw that the website GoFundMe.com allows you to create pages where others can donate if they feel they would like to help.

It’s actually a pretty interesting website so I created a page to see if my daughter can get any help. It has several tools to help you promote the page just like the one below.

If you’d like to know more about the situation (I’ll even through in a free knife or sword from my website depending on how much you can you help) click on the picture below or follow this link.


Getting Crafty

10 Things I’m Grateful For

10 Things I'm Grateful For

10 Things I’m Grateful for

1 – Gentle Rains
2 – Warm weather in October :)
3 – The places I’ve traveled
4 – The memories I’ve made
5 – More sales on my website
6 – How the universe supplies
7 – My children and Grandchildren
8 – Growing up in Michigan
9 – Free Will
10 – Natures Beauty

10 Things I’m Happy About Today

10 Things I'm Happy About Today

10 Things I’m Happy About Today

1 – Going To See My Friend Gary Soon
2 – New sales on my website
3 – Brownies In The Oven
4 – Getting 12 Days Off Work
5 – Beautiful Weather Today
6 – Learning More Everyday
7 – God, The Source, Thought
8 – Spiritual Principles
9 – Space And Time
10 – Replacing bad habits with good habits

10 Things I’m Happy About Today

10 Things I'm Happy About Today10 Things I’m Happy About Today

1 – Hot Water
2 – Propane
3 – Good Food In Fridge
4 – Van runs good
5 – Seeing my daughters soon
6 – Time to do this
7 – Business is growing
8 – A good nights sleep
9 – Beautiful Weather
10 – Bills are paid